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Alpha Academy/Scholars November Highlights

On November 5, Xi Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc conducted a three- part session that deals with how people communicate. The session was broken down into three parts which consisted of  Verbal/Non-verbal communication where students learned that more than 90% of communication occurs nonverbally and the advantages/disadvantages of both types; Conflict Management where students learned among other things the importance of emotional intelligence and how to properly deal with conflict to include de-escalation; and finally Dress for Success where young men learned the perception/messaging and importance of how you present yourself. The young men also went through an exercise to learn how to tie a tie/bowtie. There were a total of eleven students and eight Alpha Brothers that supported the event.

On November 12, 2021, Alpha Academy/Scholars traveled to Howard University to attend to experience college life. The guide was very pleasant and receptive by walking the group through some of the historic buildings to truly grasp the Howard University Experience.  The guide provided a tour of the university campus while answering questions about how to successfully transition and survive in college.  The visit capitalized with the attendance at the Howard University Bisons versus the South Carolina State University Bulldogs football game. We had a total of eleven young men, four parents and the support of two Alpha Brothers.

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