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Liberation Library Initiative

In light of the increasing attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion that we have witnessed in recent times, our fraternity recognizes the vital role that education and understanding play in our community. The Liberation Library Initiative is our proactive response to these challenges, and we believe it can be a source of positive change. Together, we aim to establish a Little Free Library in Prince William County, VA. This library will be filled with books that celebrate African American culture, history, and contributions, directly addressing the issues surrounding diversity and equity.

The ongoing debates and controversies surrounding critical race theory (CRT) have heightened the importance of promoting diverse perspectives and inclusive education. The Liberation Library Initiative provides a platform to engage with these critical discussions by offering a wide array of books that present different viewpoints and narratives.

To make this initiative a success, we require your assistance in securing a suitable location for the temporary book box to reside within the county. The location and engagement of your congregation will serve as a valuable resource for students, families, and residents, promoting a deeper understanding of African American culture and history and fostering diversity and inclusion in the face of these challenges.

The benefits of the Liberation Library are manifold. It offers an opportunity to bridge gaps in our community, promote education, and celebrate the rich tapestry of African American culture. By joining us in this endeavor, you can help ensure that black families in Prince William County remain an informed community in the midst of these challenges.

We invite you to be a part of this initiative, which aligns with the values  and importance of representation and education in  our community and provides a constructive response to the ongoing debates around CRT. We believe that together, we can make a significant impact in our community and promote a brighter future for all its residents.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be delighted to discuss this project in more detail and explore how we can collaborate effectively.

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